Hosting Solutions

Hosting with us is easy!

  1. AfordiStock_000017122593_ExtraSmallable solution for Small Business Owners: We are resellers of high quality and FAST *Shared Server Hosting with 99.9% up time. Our Hosting Providers are reliable, affordable, widely used and come with many options and free extra’s. Best of all, as your Website Partner, we will make sure your website lives up to its promise with 24/7 support. Let us help you decide what options are best for your business. Call 941 312 1034 or contact us here!
  2. Premier Managed WordPress Hosting Solution: Built on revolutionary VPS technology, my hosting partners have engineered a unique architecture designed to make WordPress scream. Everything you need to make WordPress websites secure, easy to use, and extremely fast comes standard for $24.95 a month. I will move your site and set it up for free!

    • WordPress monthly update service included (a $15.00 value)
    • SiteLock Security provides the protection you need to make sure your website is free from malware and other hacks.
    • On our Virtual Private Servers, you are not sharing your space on over crowded shared servers. We maintain limits on how many websites we have on each server and personally manage each of them.

    Please contact me  for WordPress maintenance plans and Hosting options.